Upcoming Events

  • Wanakup Recycling Fashion Show
    Sat, 26 Mar
    Rhyme & Reason Brewery
    The year is 2040 and we have already used up all of the earth’s resources. Survivors of the great caTRASHstophe try to live a “normal” life through art. We will express the despair and angst felt throughout the sub-culture by making a statement of the current pop culture.
  • Waste Free Fair
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    Wed, 22 Jul
    Wastebusters in Wanaka
  • Lords & Ladies of Lismore - Wanakup Tent
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    Sat, 04 Jul
    Eely Point Reserve
    Koha coffee and tea to keep your hands warm and ready to throw!
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    Sat, 12 Oct
    Vogel Street
    Get excited, our first ever festival pilot at the Vogel St Party this weekend!! You heard right, a completely waste-free option for your festival days.