Within Wanaka our services to cafes include:
- Collection and redistribution of Wanakups

- Sanitisation of Wanakups and mug library

- Provide cafes with mugs and jars to set up a free library

Outside of Wanaka:
- Wholesale Wanakups 

- Provide support to cafes whilst setting up their independent swap systems

For more info contact: ben@wanakup.nz


What else were up to...

Wanakup will provide a free mug library for any cafes or vendors that want to get on board with choosing to re-use.

We've recently been catering for a number of South Island street, beer and art festivals as well as local parties and weddings. But don't worry, there's no event so small that you need to be wasteful. You can contact us for any of your reusable needs - from school fetes to football games, we can help make your event sustainable.