Mega Mitre 10 Launch
November 20th

Wanakup is teaming up with Columbus Coffee at Mega Mitre.
Helping provide a plastic free cafe from the get-go!

A&P Show Wanaka
12-13th March 2021

Wanakup will be attending the 84th Annual A&P Show.
Providing Koha coffee, tea and cup rentals for festival goers.

A clear conscience cup for you to buy, borrow, return or even pre-order with your coffee at locations throughout the South Island!

Wanakups can be borrowed, returned and swapped for a freshie at no cost to the coffee drinker.
It's even cheaper than than takeaway cups for cafes, t
here’s no excuse for us to be using single-use cups. 
Put down the cup. It’s past time to stop. 

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